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  • October 21, 2022

 Once certified, NGOs in Rwanda enjoy several benefits and responsibilities. These include:

1. Legal Recognition: A certified NGO is recognized as a separate legal entity distinct from its members or founders. It can enter into contracts, own property, sue or be sued in its own name, and engage in various legal transactions.

2. Tax Exemptions: Certified NGOs may be eligible for tax exemptions on certain income, donations, and assets, subject to compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations.

3. Access to Funding: Many donors and funding agencies require NGOs to have legal personality certification before providing financial support. Certification enhances an NGO's credibility and increases its chances of securing funding for its projects and activities.

4. Enhanced Credibility: Legal personality certification lends credibility and legitimacy to an NGO's operations, making it more attractive to potential partners, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.

5. Compliance Requirements: Certified NGOs must comply with various legal obligations, including submitting annual reports, financial statements, and activity reports to the RGB. They are also subject to periodic monitoring and evaluation by the RGB to ensure compliance with the law.



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