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  • GTH
  • June 30, 2023

The women economic empowerment program is divided into two projects, one of which is called "Women in Business", under which women heads of beneficiary household benefit from training in financial literacy and small business creation. At the end of the training, they present their projects in order to receive start-up capital that will enable them to launch income-generating activities. 

They are grouped together in the IGIHOZO savings group, the first phase of which closed in May 2023. The total amount saved over a 55-week period was Rwf 589,350. The highest amount saved per individual was Rwf110,000 with 220 shares, and the lowest amount saved was Rwf27,500 with 55 shares. In addition, a fund of 80,000 Rwf was raised through a weekly contribution of 100 Rwf per person, plus interest on internal loans. This amount will be used to open a bank account that will encourage group members to work closely with financial institutions, thereby securing their money and improving their financial knowledge. 



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