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Placide Habineza


Mr. Habineza Placide

Born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda, Advisory Board Member,  Placide is a passionate educator whose love for learning and enthusiasm for multidisciplinary teaching and learning resulted in various initiatives to bring learners together, his educational and professional background is a crossroad between African, Western and Asian systems of education, which gives him a unique perspective on global educational demands and on how to meet them. Placide advocates the importance of mentorship, peer-collaboration, and growth mindset in individual and group development. Trained as a bioengineer before turning to science education and later to international education management, he dreams to see more and more parents become aware of their children’s unparalleled opportunities in today’s fast-paced transformation and of their role in tapping into every child’s uniqueness to enable them to positively impact the world and live a fulfilled life of ingenuity, service, and contribution. Placide love reading, music, traveling, meeting people and listening to their stories.

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