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Eric Nsengiyumva


Eric NSENGIYUMVA is currently serving as GTH-Board Member in charge of Legal & Policy regulations, and Agriculture and Natural Resources Officer in Kamonyi District where he is serving the district in the implementation of agriculture policy and strategies as well as related programs.

Education background: He holds a Master' of science in project management obtained from the University of Kigali and is holding of Bsc in crop sciences from the National University of Rwanda and is having a Diploma in horticulture and modern irrigation obtained from Agrostudies -ISRAEL. He completed courses in Data Quality, Course for Data Use for Program Managers, and Course for M&E Fundamentals at Global Health eLearning Center.

Achievements: He is a farmer since 2012, rearing hens and helping smallholder farmers to fight against malnutrition for children under five years and their families, he participated in the reduction of the unemployment rate by employing 15 youths; He participated in different assignments since 2010 as a researcher with ISAR RUHANDE and UGAMA, business adviser, cooperative coach, and trainer with UGAMA in 3 Districts Muhanga, Kamonyi, and Ruhango. He provided consultancy management services for non-governmental organizations like Reseaux des femmes, COCOF, UGAMA, etc

He worked for the implementation of land husbandry technologies for MINAGRI LWH-RSSP and for SPIU MINAGRI KWAMP-PAPSTA-PRICE. He facilitated COCOF by empowering youth and women beneficiaries of the association on the matter regarding agriculture, cooperative formation, and management, and even the fight against malnutrition; He worked also as a cooperative manager for KOTEMU Rulindo cooperative where he got expertise in cooperative management With Green Amayaga Project, He participated in the implementation of the environment and climate change mitigation project.

Contacts: Phone number: +250-788-461-435, Email: e.nsengiyumva@growntohelp.org

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