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Aimable Niyikiza


Eng. Aimable Niyikiza, is a professional WASH actor, with a strong background in civil engineering and environmental technology. With a passion for improving access to safe and clean water, sanitation, he dedicated his career to addressing critical challenges in the field of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Education: He pursued his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and Environmental technology from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), recognizing its relevance to solving pressing environmental issues. During his studies, he became deeply interested in WASH sector. He later pursed a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Kigali, and Master of Science with honors in water and sanitation Engineering from Burkina Faso IST.

Professional Journey: After completing his education, Eng. Aimable started his professional journey by joining a non-governmental international organization focused on WASH sustainable development and in emergency context. Among others, He worked for World Vision International-Rwanda, Catholic Relief Services. His engineering expertise enabled him to design and implement innovative water supply and sanitation projects in refugee camps and underserved areas. He collaborated closely with local civil society organizations, local communities to build capacity and ensure the success and sustainability of each initiative.

Eng. Aimable 13-year journey as a WASH actor exemplifies how dedication, expertise, and compassion can create meaningful change in the lives of millions. His relentless efforts to provide safe and clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene practices have left an indelible mark on communities countrywide. Through his work, he has not only transformed individual lives but also set an example for future generations of WASH professionals to follow leaving no one behind.

Board of Directors Chairperson: In the same spirit, Eng. Aimable Niyikiza joined and worked as the Executive Secretary to GTH where he provided administrative and office support to the organization and its staff and maintained a strong relationship with GTH’s partners and beneficiaries. He is committed to serving GTH and aiming to see the growth of GTH with greater impact, He will be serving as a chairperson in board of Directors and together with others, GTH will reach, improve, and positively impact many.

Contacts: Phone number: +250-788-637-175, Email: ai.niyikiza@growntohelp.org  

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