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Founder & Executive Director

My name is Mugabekazi Denyse I was born in Kigali the capital of Rwanda, Nyarugenge District in one of the hottest corners of the City, called Gitega sector.
I lost my father in 1994, when I was very young, from that day on, my mother began to take care of us alone, in very difficult life conditions.
After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, many of the children in my neighborhood found themselves in very difficult conditions too, the young girls married underage and without economic independence, most of our neighbors were really poor, children were exposed to all kinds of abuse, most of them have become prostitutes, house helpers, drug addicts, thieves, street children, etc ...
Until now there are families that still living in misery, whose Dads have left families because of poverty, the children do not have means to go to school, and cannot have at least one meal a day.
When I was very young, I had a dream that when I grow up I will give a hand to such families living in miserable conditions, I had and still have a lot of compassion for the children born to poor parents, and for the brave mothers who raise their children alone.
My philosophy is this: the best way to be grateful to those who have helped me be successful in life, including the Lord who had protected me from a miserable life, is to help the vulnerable in all possible ways, to protect them against the difficulties that may invade their future.
From that, I founded Grown To Help (GTH) Organization, so that through which we (my team and I) can help many families to have a better life, and their children to become independent and competent in the future.
Thank you.

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