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Sanitation & Hygiene in Schools

Sanitation and hygiene are key to the well-being of children. Public schools use traditional pit latrines that produce unpleasant odors and attract insects that transmit diseases to children, they carry those diseases from the schools and bring them into communities as well, and vice versa. Schools are very sensitive as they host a big number of children at the same time. Families spend a lot of money on medical treatments and the absenteeism of children at school increases. without forgetting their parents who work overtime. hence affecting children's school performance and the economy of their families. 

To improve the sanitation and hygiene conditions in public schools, We thought of installing SATO toilets in the existing traditional pit latrines. the benefits of SATO Toilets are to separate excreta from flies, and other insects, which reduces the transmission of diseases, eliminate the unsightly appearance, and bad smell, and reduce the volume of water while flushing. The toilets are marked to differentiate the ones for girls, boys, and people with disabilities. 

This will improve health equity for vulnerable children studying in public schools, protect them from gender-based violence, reduce school drop-out, promote quality education for all, and improve academic performance. Hence poverty alleviation. 

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