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Family poverty appears to be the major factor for many children with a low level of education. Children who come from poor families are the ones who do not perform well in school and are likely to leave school with no qualifications in search of manual jobs, in order to contribute to their family income. Others are forced to stay home to look after their siblings when their parents are away trying to make a living.

It is a fact that educated children play a vital role in the development of their families. This is why we support vulnerable children by: 

* Enrolling them in schools, paying school fees for them, and providing them with all school supplies, and materials.

* Organizing meetings and events, with an aim of encouraging them to perform well in school by emphasizing the vision of becoming competitive in the labor market.

* Educating heads of families, parents, and caretakers, on Positive Parenting and their contribution to children’s school performance.

This will improve the well-being of vulnerable families, and reduce the number of illiterate children, as well as the number of families living in extreme poverty in Kigali. 

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