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Education is the key to reducing poverty, creating reliable generations, preventing unwanted deaths and illness, and promoting peace for our nations.

SRHR Awareness & GBV Eradication in Public Schools

We Educate - Engage -Advocate - Support - With respect to both genders (Girls and Boys) in School.

Sanitation & Hygiene in Schools

We promote an improved Sanitation, Health, and hygiene culture by Supplying and Installing SATO Pans in public schools, We create Health and Sanitation Clubs in Schools to sustain appropriate hygiene practices, and We support Schools with Cleaning Materials such as liquid soaps, buckets, Toilet papers, Brushes, etc.….

Economic Empowerment

This Project aims to Improve The Economic Status of Beneficiary Households by Training Heads of families in Financial literacy, Grouping them in Saving and Internal Lending Groups (SILGs), and Providing Them With Seed Capital to Start their Own Income-generating Activities.

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