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During the event five people were awarded for their incredible contributions to our achievement.

1. Mr Nsabimana Alphonse was recognized as the Best Public Service Provider : "Nsabimana Alphonse We sincerely appreciate your excellent work and professionalism as a public service provider. Thank you for being a positive force for us!"

2. Best Partner from @sato.toilets.rwanda " @cyrusntaganira , We are fortunate to have a fantastic Partner like you. Your collaboration has been a great asset to us. Thank you for your unwavering support."

3. Best Supporter "Miss @thatmaru from Impanuro Girls Initiatives, Alone we could have done something, but with your unending support we have achieved a lot. Thank you for your time, guidance, and help."

4. Best Team Players:
@mizerohyacinthe and @melissa_mbabazi "A reliable employee is the Best Gift a Leader can ask for. Thank you for being the ones we can rely on."


Two notable speeches were:

1. The Head of Gacyamo Cell Council, Mugabo François, congratulated our founder for founding an impactful organization that will change the lives of vulnerable families in the community as a young Woman. In addition pledged to support the organization as much as he can.

2. Mr.@cyrusntaganira emphasized the benefits of Sato toilets, especially in public schools, to enhance the health of children by protecting them from diseases that can be caused by improper sanitation and hygiene...
Furthermore, He acknowledged the impact of our programs "Imagine what could happen if all children were educated! This should be everyone's duty, not just GTH's," he added.


Testimonies / Success Stories from Beneficiaries :

1. Melena Musabyimana is a Single Mother of 3 - Before joining GTH, life was so complicated for her and her children - after joining GTH her life changed - Now her kids are in school and perform better than before - She runs a small business in Nyabugogo Market where she sells Vegetables and this enabled her to feed her children twice a day - She now lives a happy life knowing that there are people around caring and supporting her as a single Mother who has no basic education, no parents or siblings.

2. Emmanuel is a young boy studying in P6 - Him and his two siblings live with their Grand-Ma who took them after the passing of their father - He witnessed a hard-hitting help from GTH : "We are no longer kicked out of class due to the lack of schoolfees or materials, The mentorship program increased my performance from 19% in the 1st term to 57 in the 2nd term" He said. We are so grateful for being among GTH beneficiaries.

3. Teacher Eugenie confirmed the positive changes observed among the students who are under GTH Education program. and She mentioned an improved sanitation and hygiene in Gitega Primary School after transformation of the old traditional pit latrines into Sato Pans.


We are grateful for everyone who contributed to this achievement. - May you be blessed.

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