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Many schools use traditional pit latrines that produce unpleasant odors and attract insects that can carry diseases.

The benefits of Sato toilets Pans are to separate excreta from flies and other insects, which reduces the transmission of diseases, They eliminate the unsightly appearance, and bad smell from open-pit latrines and reduce the volume of water while flushing.

To maintain them clean, We supported the school with Cleaning materials and supplies, We also created a club, named Health & Hygiene Club, the club members are students and teachers of Gitega Primary School, and the aim of the Club is to maintain the school clean and Safe, through Sanitation, Hygiene, and SRH training sessions.

SATO Toilets. Rwanda considered Gender and Disability inclusion, where the T mark on the doors is a Male symbol, and the A mark is a Female symbol, which makes a safe and comfortable space for Students with disabilities and for both Girls and Boys.

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