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Kwizera Jean Paul's story

*The future should be bright, but the path is unpromising*

Kwizera Jean Paul and his twin brother Jean Claude recently finished P6 at 13 years of age, the delay was caused by a miserable life they had since their births.
Being bright students, both aspire to become doctors and serve their country.
However with their mother in prison and their father an irresponsible drunkard, their journeys are undefined.
The two live with their other 6 siblings and are under the care of their two elder sisters who happen to be teen mothers. One is unemployed while the other hardly earns little as a Covid- 19 youth volunteer . Two days can pass without a meal on their table, and they hardly get school fees and necessary academic materials like pens ,books ,uniforms, shoes, etc..
They are very happy to be GTH’s beneficiaries and with GTH's help the education and livelihood of these brothers as well as other children would be much better.

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