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Mucyo Blaise (Names changed for confidentiality)'s story

Mucyo Blaise ( Names changed for confidentiality)is another young GTH beneficiary determined to become a soldier.

Having had a severe head injury that retarded his studying and often makes him neglected at school, GTH has been helping him regain his self esteem and with progress hope is being restored in his life.
His mother has always been in and out of prison which placed him in care of different people and he considers his career will be a way of repaying them of their kindness.
We are glad to see him fight on every day to be the best he can be for himself and his mother.

Every day is a chance for him to be better and with your help we could make his tomorrow more promised.
We hope to see him more confident, having overcome his own trauma and remembering everyday that only the sky should be his limit.

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